What timber is best for decking?

Merbau Decking Oil

Hardwood decking has become popular in Australian life, decking is our way of utilising the great outdoors. If you are interested in adding another addition to your home like a deck make sure you research the types of woods that you can choose. In Australia there are many choices of hardwoods that you can use. This is good for those who wish to build a deck in their home as they are afforded a range of options to choose from, but it can also make the process harder with more choices.

Spotted gum.
A commonly used hardwood is spotted gum. This type of wood is loved by architects and designers due to its grain structure and beautiful markings which can create a gorgeous deck. Spotted gum is a tough wood and works well in many unpredictable climates. It is a minimal staining timber which means it won’t bleed tannins as much as the other types will. This kind of deck is beautiful when applied with a classy timber oil.

Blackbutt offers great fire resistance and no matter what state you are residing in it can be found on the approved hardwoods within the fire zones list. Now with performance, the blackbutt wood is durable and great to work with. This wood won’t warp or split in the harsh climates.

Teak is a decking wood that is beautiful, but it does have a high price tag. Teak performs really well and is so easy to work with. This type of wood holds nails and screw very tight and you can expect it to last for forty years when installed on above ground applications. Teak is another wood that works well in the different climates. Teak has a lovely pale colour that really stands out when you oil or apply a mild stain to the wood such as a Merbau Decking Oil.

Grey ironbark
Ironbark is a silver-grey coloured wood but it can be brittle. This type of wood is best used for areas that are closed in and protected. This wood should only be used for decking if the deck is in a position that it won’t be exposed to the elements.
Due to the denseness of the wood it is quite hard to work with and many don’t like the silvery steel sheen colour it takes on. 

Some top tips for decking

  • Before you start installing a deck ensure you know the council regulations. If you install a deck that you should have obtained a permit for you can be made to pull the whole thing down. The size, height and where you are installing the deck will need to be checked with the regulations and an inspector will tell you if you can go ahead with installation or not.
  • Maintain your decking. Protect your broads with a lacquer or varnish finish which will need to be applied every twelve months. You can buy a big tin of the decking oil and it can be easily brushed on with a big brush like a broom making the job easier.
  • Decking can be costly and time consuming so ensure that you install it where you want and that you have thought out what is going on the deck like planter boxes, table and chairs and barbecue to ensure that you have enough room for what you require.
  • If you don’t want to install the deck yourself professional services are available so you can just sit back and relax while your decking gets built for you.