Paving or Decking, which is better?


With a lot of time in your hands, you decide on doing something refreshing for your backyard. It’s time to give it an overhaul, and then at the moment you are driven to start, you are stuck in planning whether the best to do is to pave or deck. Here are some considerations that could guide you in coming up with the final call.

Before anything else

Measure the area you’re considering working on to help you out in budgeting and planning the entire project, for this paves the way for a smooth transition from one step to another as you aim to go through the whole process. Knowing this simple piece of information may aid you in last-minute decisions, whether it may or may not be decisions.

Also, understanding how the perimeter goes, of whether it has equal sides, or has an odd shape. Would you consider keeping the original path or would you want to come up with a total makeover? Make sure of the accuracy too to make sure how to give allowance overall.

Planning also gives you the order on how to move on with this project. Besides the area to work on, your plan sets the budget for allocation considering the time frame your prefer. Most of the time, when there’s also professionals involved, and there are suggestions every minute that was not in the original plan, costs go excessive. If you have it at hand, setting it as the master plan without add-ons is tolerating none of the unnecessary extras.

Sleep on it

Without a doubt, DIY projects would cost you much lesser. Decking, compared to paving, is more affordable and quicker to install. But you need to know that it doesn’t compare to paving’s longevity which probably why it is pricier than decking. The installation process may take longer but rest assured it stands longer than a deck would, requiring the least amount of maintenance.

While you are confident about having the time in doing the project yourself, this is when having your area measured comes in handy. Knowing how big you shall cover, then comparing the prices of professional services including top quality materials, you must have a deliberate gauge whether it’s worth your effort too. When it comes to stylizing the deck, the use of deck stain can change the natural colour of the wood.

It also helps when you are knowledgeable about construction materials. It could give you options to combine in terms of material qualities, the design that you have in mind, and resources at hand, including a professional friend in the field.

How much time do you have?

You might have time on your hands to finish the project but what you want is to finish it as soon as possible to enjoy it the soonest. While the installation of paving takes longer, it’s not that much of a difference compared to installing the deck. It takes one extra day though for paving to get installed per 20 m2 area on average.

So say, if you’d deck a 20 m2 area, it will take 2-3 days to install while a patio would take four days, counting an extra day.

How could it serve you?

Stylizing a deck or a patio reflects who you are by how you want to utilize the space. you figure out the very purpose of your reformation, consider, also, the maintenance that goes with it. 

Paving belongs to a low-maintenance option. The more it ages, the more it lasts longer, and the more its character intensifies. Going for a pricier option upon installation gives you the benefit of not having to deal with it in the long haul. Paving slabs don’t have a shelf life. They will survive any weather almost indefinitely.

Consider decking as a high-maintenance kind then because of its susceptibility to the weather. But given, you treat your timber every year to ensure any indents or damages from the weather are present, make an effort in keeping it that way, fresh and functional. Using decking oil will help with enhancing the natural beauty and maintain the finish. Sadly, it has a limited lifespan that will nonetheless limit its liveable capacity no matter how you maintain it.

The takeaway

Let us have a recap of the things you have to do:

  1. Measurement of the entire floor area of the project you can touch.
  2. Budget honestly.
  3. Choose the best approach: DIY or hire a professional.

As you may know, both decking and paving have their pros and cons. But you should be aware that new products that combine the strengths of these two are available in the market through vitrified porcelain tiles that have a wooden effect. Now, you have another option of having the best of two worlds – a paved deck.