The Best Ways to Clean your Deck

Deck Cleaner

Keeping your deck in mint condition can be daunting to some however with the proper instructions and tools at your disposal you can make sure your deck looks immaculate through all the seasons. Below are some tips that can help you keep your decking brand new.

Provided they are properly maintained, decks can be revived with deck cleaners. Bleach-free top cleaners remove dirt and dirt without damaging the wood fibres and their natural colour. As your deck ages, deck cleaners can be used to give it a clean, fresh look.

By cleaning your deck regularly, you can get rid of dirt that causes organic decay and stains. Bleach-free top cleaners are environmentally friendly and not as rough as surrounding bushes and plants. Composite coverings resist stains, markings and plants, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Keep an eye on your deck all year round and try to keep it free of dirt. With regular sweeping and quick rinsing, you can keep a wooden deck clean without much effort with things such as a good quality deck cleaner. Make sure that the care and maintenance of the composite deck is completed before dirt and debris accumulate.    

Dyeing and sealing your deck every few years keeps your deck in good shape and looks its best. With the right deck cleaning, you can seal your wooden deck for at least two to three years. The addition of sealant will make the deck look new and protect it from serious damage from mold and water penetration

Deck requires some kind of clear coating or stain to maintain the integrity of the wood. Clear seals allow natural wood grains to shine through, while sealants and stains give your deck a fresh splash of colour. Look for wood preservatives that contain UV protectors to block harmful UV rays.    

If you decide to clean your deck with a pressure washer, you need to sweep your deck to protect the environment and ensure that nothing is damaged. Test the hidden areas of the high-pressure washers to ensure that they do not damage the covering. If the deck is saturated with water through high pressure cleaning, make sure it dries completely before you move on to the next step in your cleaning process.    

Some people choose to have their deck painted or varnished, but most take advantage of the natural beauty of the cheaper ceiling wood and use a clear deck stain to finish their deck. In general, the best finish is a soaked wood that does not provide a surface film. Street-restored decks are ideal for those looking for a simpler type of wood.    

If part of your deck remains wet after a day or more of rain, take a step back and see if it is still dry. If you learn how to maintain your wooden deck throughout the season, it will remain a quiet retreat rather than a feast for the eyes. Over time, the beauty of a natural wooden deck can lose its lustre when UV rays from the sun decompose the wood structure. The deck may take on a matte grey colour, but the problem can be solved before it looks like this. Chlorine-free oxygen bleaching removes algae and mold from stains without oxidizing the deck, as well as sealants.

If you follow the above steps you will ensure your deck stays as pristine as when it was first built, if not you run the risk of potentially letting it discolour and become unappealing to the eye.