How To Do A Glam Makeup Look


If you are someone who loves makeup and is looking for ideas to look the best for a special event, then read on to learn more about how to create a glam makeup look.

Glam eye makeup requires an expert application, so make sure you are taking your time on this step. Cleaning your face with a cleanser and using a good moisturiser is step one in the path of glam makeup. Remember to put in some sunscreen and moisturiser before applying your foundation because you want to have an impeccable foundation for your products. Full-coverage makeup may help conceal imperfections, but clear foundations get that soft-skinned look much easier.

The full glam look may be a bit aggressive on older skin as it may highlight creases, but that can be easily overcome by using a lightweight foundation rather than a full-coverage foundation. You can transform the basic full-glam makeup look into an amazing look for Thanksgiving dinner by simply adding a bright orange-coloured eyeliner over black eyeliner wings or the crease. You will achieve a softer, more glamorous look by creating smokey eyes in lighter, brownish, or grey colours rather than black. A coloured pencil eyeliner can also give a pop of colour and complement the entire theme.

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The soft glam look is distinguished by a seamless, buttery feel, with all products – from foundation, contouring, to highlights – looking cohesive and practically melting together on your skin. In other words, beauty products are blended in extremely well, and soft glam makeup is achieved without having contour lines, heavy lips or eyeliner, or crisp, filled-in eyebrows.

Using the right products to help your skin look much healthier and dewy is important. Eye makeup definitely makes a statement, but for the soft glam look, you do not want to let the shadows overwhelm your glowing complexion.

You may prefer doing the eyes first and then your face so that you can avoid getting any powdered eyeshadow onto the undereye area. If you are having trouble with under-eye creasing, you can even use a little bit of powder for baking. If you have the time, you can use undereye masks or gel patches instead of eye cream. For a little added glamour, you can even throw in a pair of fake lashes for good measure.

Don’t forget – it’s a glam look, so it’s the best time for you to experiment with different styles, colours and shades to find your new favourites. The detailing can be a game-changer here. You can check out MesmerEyez coloured contact lenses to up your fashion game. MesmerEyez offers a wide range of coloured contacts to help you to find the one that looks the best on your skin tone and complements your outfit.

With eyes taking centre stage, you can complete the look with nude or darker smoked eyeshadow, plus fake lashes with tonnes of mascara to add an extra touch of style. When applying the eyeshadow, make sure to blend all the colours really well so that they look more natural. Perfect the look by applying some glittery nude hue on the eyebrow bones. Take complexion perfection one step further by using a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin colour underneath your eyes.

For best results, choose a foundation or skin-tinting product with a radiant or luminous finish, and also opt for light mascara or just curl your lashes for a natural look. Some makeup artists recommend using a cream-based bronzer or foundation a few shades darker than your regular one and really mixing it well. When applying foundation, you can either use a brush or a beauty blender. Then apply setting powder on the areas that get shinier due to excess oil or on the ones that can crease when you apply more makeup.

When it comes to choosing the lipstick shade, consider your natural lip colour and go a shade or two darker. Going for a red matte lipstick shade is also a great idea to complement your white or cream-coloured dress for the special event.

One thing to always keep in mind is that focus on features of your face that you want to highlight. If you want others to notice your eyes first, then spend more time doing eye makeup and use other colours on the face that go well with it, and do not take the attention away from it.

The final step is to use a setting spray so that the makeup stays on the skin longer, and avoid touching your face again and again, as it will mess up the look that you have worked so hard to achieve.