Benefits Of Having A TSS Work Visa

TSS Work Visa

The application for an employment visa provides that the employee has the skills and qualifications to convince the Ministry of the Interior that he is qualified enough to pursue a particular nominated profession. Employers can apply as accredited sponsors who, among other things, have had a turnover of at least $4 million in the last two years and have obtained a TSS visa in the past. In the case of short and medium-term flows of TSS, an Australian business sponsor is a visa holder for the sponsor in his nominated profession and receives his TSS visa to work in a position where the visa holder is sponsored by a company or associate entity of the sponsor.

Visa holders with TSS visas in recognised nominated professions (e.g. Managing director, managing director, managing director, medical professional) may not work for their sponsor. If a TSS Visa Holder is unable to make the appropriate visa arrangements to stay in Australia, which means finding an employer to sponsor them, he may have to leave the country, which can result in costs and economic chaos. If the visa holder was in Australia at the time of issuance of his TSS visa, he must start working for his employer in his nominated profession within 90 days of issuing the visa.

If you are a TSS visa holder and have worked at least three years for the same employer in Australia, you can qualify for a permanent residence permit through the Temporary Residence Transition stream. If you obtain a visa for an MLTSL profession and intend to apply for permanent residence with a supporting employer after three years of work, you must apply 45 times for permanent residence before you can qualify for the exemption.

The list of 482 TSS-qualified occupations identifies occupations that are subject to a medium-term skilled labour shortage and are available for 4-year visas, while occupations that are subject to a short-term skilled labour shortage are only available for a 2-year visa. Applications are still possible for subclasses 482 (Temporary Skills Shortage, TSS) and 457 (holders of Transition Stream temporary work visas, TRT).

The skills required to fulfil this role will vary from profession to profession and TSS visa applicants will need at least two years of relevant professional experience. If you would like to learn more about the TSS 482 visa process and how immigration rules affect you and your potential employer, call Concept Australia on 020 8315 6700 to speak to our specialist Jane Smith, fill an enquiry form and send us your details. Our field of expertise includes qualified migration visas, business skills migration visas, employer-funded work visas, partner and other family migration visas, as well as reviews by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), judicial reviews and ministerial interventions.

After assessing the skills and qualifications of TSS work visa applicants for the proposed profession, the case officer of the Ministry of the Interior (DIBP) will compare the job description with the qualifications and references of visa applicants. If you apply for a TSS visa at the same time as your employer’s application, the sponsor will nominate you.

The requirement that employers and employees have an intended employment relationship for the last two years does not mean that the employer is obliged to employ a TSS employee for two years from the date of submission of the relevant application, but the intention of the employment relationship must remain in place for the duration of the visa. The employer’s sponsorship must last for five years and your proposed employer must be recognised as a sponsor at the time of application and nomination for the visa application. You are subject to Condition 8.6.07, which requires you to work full-time in the profession nominated by your sponsoring employer under the TSS visa, although in certain cases you may work for an associated organization outside of your sponsoring employer.

Companies with an annual turnover of less than A $10 million will sponsor applicants for a medium-term TSS 482 visa for a period of up to four years. Holders of a 457 visa are required to obtain a new nomination for a TSS-482 visa if there has been a change of employer or profession.

The new replacement for the work visa of the visa subclass 457 482 is the temporary visa (TSS) – A visa holder who lives in Australia and works full-time for the job nominated by the employer. A TSS visa is a type of 482 visa, where holders have a temporary visa that is valid for a Permit holder living in Australia who works full-time for their professional listing. Temporary skill shortage subclasses (482 visas) relate to TSS visas where the employer sponsors a temporary visa permit known as the employer sponsored visa 482 for a visa holder to live and work for a period of 2-4 years in Australia.

The introduction of a new Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Subclass in the 482 visa Australia section, is part of the government’s reform measures to prioritise the recruitment of Australian citizens and introduce stricter visa requirements for foreign workers. The Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (ATSS) is a work visa that enables Australian employers to sponsor people who work for their companies in Australia. The TSS visa grants companies the right to temporarily hire or sponsor foreign workers from qualified professions.